The Watchtowers Perfume Set

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North, South East, and West. The Watchtowers is a collection of four unique perfume fragrances that each represent their cardinal direction. These scents can be worn alone to invoke the essence of each of the four towers, or they can be layered—two, three, or all four!—to create a truly unique fragrance.

North conjures scenes of snow-covered mountains and fast-moving sleds. Ice biting at pink noses and frozen lakes hidden in evergreen forests. This is a cold clean scent with notes of evergreen juniper and cedar, cool lavender, and crisp sage.

While North is cold South is warm and dry. South is a masculine yet sweet scent. With strong top notes of sandalwood and musk this scent develops into an arousing and complex fragrance.

East is the sunrise, the spring meadow, the first blossoms. This perfume is incredibly delicate, a soft blush or a quiet sigh. Top notes of cherry blossom and rosebud open to a garden of lavender and soft rain.

And West is the sunset, projecting its long rays over the ocean. This scent summons tropical waterfalls and fragrant blossoms, lazy sunny beaches and emerald green rainforests. With notes of pikake flower, neroli blossom, and shea groves this perfume is sweet but not oversweet, rich, and soft.

This set contains four 10mL bottles of perfume oil, one of each scent. Also included is a set of four (4) Watchtower altar cards. Packaged in a reusable box and sealed with gold wax.