About Us

Our story began when we decided to eliminate harsh chemicals and animal products from our lives, including and especially what we put on our skin and hair. We wanted to find products which would not only keep our skin and hair healthy and radiant, but which would also nourish our bodies on the inside and not harm the planet. Seeking out the best vegan, organic products for our formulas, we began crafting bespoke face and hair serums for friends and family.
In 2016 we launched Pollux & Key and developed a line of face and hair products designed to address a range of skin types. We source the highest quality cruelty-free ingredients we can find and create each order by hand.
Our inspiration comes from all of the things we’re passionate about—which includes our children, our love of all things dark and magical, and a desire to leave our planet better now than before we arrived.
Thank you for visiting, and we hope you will find something to love!